Collaborators & Supporters

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The program START- Create Cultural Change funded Eyes of Light in the context of its 1st and 2nd phase scholarships START 2018-2019


The National Association for Women with Breast Cancer hosted the first Experiential Therapeutic Photography workshop for female breast cancer survivors


The Association of Cancer Patients of Athens hosts our Therapeutic Photography Workshops for people with cancer experience


Hosts our Therapeutic Photography workshop for patients of the Kifisia Oncology Hospital


Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens granted the “Old Retorts Hall” for the realization of the exhibition Eyes of Light: Focus on Life, in May of 2019

Municipality of Athens

Supports Eyes of Light, setting the exhibition of May 2019 in Technopolis under its auspices

Photolab logo


Sponsor of the photographic prints of the section "Cancer Survivors: The Faces of Hope", of Eyes of Light exhibition, May 2019


Move Art

Installation sponsor of part of the Eyes of Light exhibition in May 2019


The Society for Humanistic Photography of Berlin hosted our seminar of Therapeutic Photography for female cancer survivors in the autumn of 2018

Latsis Foundation

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation funds Eyes of Light in the context of the 3rd phase of the START scholarships 2018-2019 (Scaling Award)

Bodosakis Foundation

It provides space and skill development services for six months, in the context of the 3rd phase of the START scholarships 2018-2019 (Scaling Award)


Day Center

The Day Center for the Psychological Support of Cancer Patients hosts our Therapeutic Photography workshop


Online platform hosting campaign for small donations to us through online shopping, without extra fees for the donor

House of MANA

Future host of a Therapeutic Photography workshop for female survivors of breast or gynaecological cancers

Angelicousis Foundation

Supports the organisation of a Therapeutic Photography workshop for young cancer patients (2021)


Supports Eyes of Light's organisational development, through the INCUBATOR Program for NGOs


The European Network of Gynaecological Cancer Advocacy Groups hosted a Therapeutic Photography workshop by Eyes of Light, during the Virtual Patient Advocacy Week 2020

Ένωση Ασθενών Ελλάδας

Από το 2021 το Eyes of Light είναι Αρωγό Μέλος της Ένωσης Ασθενών Ελλάδας, της εθνικής συνομοσπονδίας των συλλόγων ασθενών της χώρας.


project "cancer survivors: the faces of hope"

I accepted to participate in the project Cancer Survivors: The Faces of Hope because it is everyone’s duty to help from his own position. Therefore, my artistic contribution is the least I can do in order to contribute for this very important cause.

I dedicated 5 years taking pictures of my parents’ cancer, which was an essentially freeing and psychotherapeutic process. I am honored by the fact that Mrs. Loukia opened her home for me, and through this photographic process, she allowed me to feel even that slight one percent of her victorious battle against breast cancer.

I agreed to participate in the project because I believe that everyone has to support these kinds of activities in his own way. Through Cancer Survivors: The Faces of Hope I met Maria. A creative and colourful individual.

I participate in order to help as much as I can towards the sensitization and awareness of the Greek public towards cancer.

For me, first and foremost, Art is a transformative act, a transformative process. Just as it is for the creators, as for the audience. And this specific project supports this mentality.

I am photographing a person who has fought in her life in order to have a life, in a period of giving up from the miracle of life. So, let’s all learn from the wisdom of the cured. Let’s learn that they caress and communicate with their body with sacredness. How they connect with themselves, how they dare to connect with their vulnerability, their pain, how do they forgive? How do they discover their inner beauty and how do they reject toxic environments, radiation and people?

I am truly honored by this invitation to photograph one of the Faces of Hope, a fellow human being who decisively won the battle of life. I knew straightaway that I wanted to photograph my aunt, Nitsa. Through this process I had the chance to discover an unknown, for me, aspect of her character.

I always admired and respected those who had to fight for their lives. Their stance gives us a huge lesson, a great reason to revaluate our own lives. My participation in this project is the least I can do, so I accepted with great joy.

I accepted to participate in this project because deep down I knew that the photoshoot was just an excuse. I met a notable individual with great potential: Ioanna.

The reason I chose to take part in this project is because I believe that it is important to emphasize the strength, courage and willpower of these individuals (survivors). Putting a portrait in front of every story, gives flesh and bones to the effort of every survivor, but also allows the audience to personally relate with this effort.

I participate because I always support important ideas that strive to sensitize and inspire the public. This project is one such idea and I am very pleased to be given the chance to photograph a true survivor. Using photography as a part of this project is a life lesson and forms a source of inspiration for me! Through this photographic record and the stories of these individuals we can maybe appreciate and make more use of the gift of time and life we have been given.

The invitation to participate in Cancer Survivors: The Faces of Hope, instantly formed a challenge for me, not to photograph one more subject, but to meet an individual and learn his story.

In 2019 health issues should not be viewed as secrets or taboo. Art as a strong means of expression can have an awakening role, it can mobilize the public, make them change their habits and prejudices. Lead them to awareness.

I participate because I, myself, know how it feels to go through such an experience. I know the amount of strength needed to overcome it. Also, I accepted because I wanted to meet the person I would photograph.